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About Us

Welcome to JTfilms, where creativity meets timeless storytelling. As an exceptional Creative Agency, we specialize in capturing and celebrating life's most significant moments through the art of cinematic narrative. Simply put, we're obsessed with telling your story!


With over a decade of expertise, our passion is to craft wedding films and media productions that transcend the ordinary. Explore our website to discover how we turn memories into masterpieces, providing you with a captivating and lasting legacy of your cherished moments.

Our journey with JTfilms is a testament to the incredible power of resilience, family, and passion. It all began with a dream, not just to craft beautiful films but to celebrate life's most significant moments through cinematic storytelling. And as the years have unfolded, our story has become a tale of triumph over adversity. After college, I embarked on the path of self-employment, launching Justine's home daycare, affectionately known as "Momma Bear Daycare." It was a venture inspired by Justine's desire to provide a nurturing environment for our children and others, allowing parents to work with peace of mind. But in 2018, life took an unexpected turn. Our son, Lucas, entered the world with special needs that included Cerebral Palsy, Statutory Blindness, Epilepsy, and an array of other diagnoses. In an instant, what was once a side job became a lifeline and an opportunity to adapt to life's complexities. Lucas needed frequent doctor's appointments and therapies, and I made the courageous decision to become his full-time caretaker for the first three years of his life. It was a role filled with challenges, but it also allowed me to be present for every milestone, every therapy session, and every moment of his journey. During this time, JTfilms became more than just a business; it became a sanctuary of creativity and purpose. It allowed me to balance my responsibilities, offer unwavering support to my family, and pursue my passion for storytelling. We captured weddings, and our clients' stories became intertwined with our own, as they trusted us to preserve their most cherished moments. As the years passed, the fire of life's challenges forged us into a stronger family and a more resilient business. JTfilms continued to grow, and we expanded our services to help non-profits and small businesses optimize their online presence and make a more significant impact. Today, JTfilms stands as a testament to the power of perseverance, adaptability, and unwavering dedication. We've built a team that shares our passion for storytelling and a commitment to excellence. Each film we produce, every project we take on, is infused with the love, resilience, and creativity that define our journey. Our story is a story of family, of rising to the occasion in the face of life's challenges, and of using passion and purpose to overcome adversity. We've learned that the most beautiful stories are born not from perfection but from the triumph of the human spirit. And at JTfilms, we're here to capture and celebrate those stories, turning them into timeless narratives for all to cherish. If you want to know more about our journey and the heart behind JTfilms, we invite you to watch out youtube channel. Our story is one of love, resilience, and the belief that every moment, no matter how challenging, holds the potential for beauty and transformation.

Our Team

We are Jordan & Justine Timbro

The married dynamic duo wedding videographers you've been searching for!

Originally from Rocky Hill, CT, We're all about family, fitness, and faith. With three amazing kids who keep us on our toes, we've learned to appreciate the simple things in life. My journey into wedding filmmaking started before we got married. I barrowed my dad's old Canon 70D DSLR camera. Despite its limitations, it sparked my passion for capturing life's most precious moments. Known for our easygoing nature and dry parent humor, we strive to make every shoot stress-free and fun. Those closest to us describe us as kind, soft-hearted, and caring. Our style? Bold, vibrant, and authentic – just like the couples we film. We focus on creating natural, meaningful films that reflect the true essence of each love story. If you're ready to capture your special day in a unique and genuine way, let's chat! Emailus to check our availability and say hello! 🎥✨

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Our vision at JTfilms is to transcend the ordinary in storytelling, becoming the industry leader known for redefining how we experience and cherish life's most precious moments. We aim to continually innovate and inspire, setting the standard for cinematic excellence. With every frame we capture, our vision is to create an enduring legacy of love, joy, and connection, resonating with hearts today and inspiring the storytellers of tomorrow.


At JTfilms, our mission is to be the premier creative agency that passionately captures and celebrates life's most significant moments through cinematic storytelling. We believe that every story is unique, and our dedication is to craft timeless narratives that preserve the essence, emotion, and beauty of these moments for generations to come.


Videographer and photographer capturing the Cake Cutting at a Wedding in MA.

Hey there, I'm Jordan Timbro, the proud Owner, Head Editor and Producer here at JTFilms.


But what truly lights up my world? It's the magic of love stories and the moments that make life unforgettable. My journey with JTFilms began right out of college, driven by the dream of becoming a self-employed freelance Videographer. It all kicked off with a handful of dear friends who trusted me to capture their weddings. Within only three months of sharing our films with the world, the word spread like wildfire, and our calendar has been filled every year since. Little did I know that this passion would set the stage for an incredible journey. Then, in 2018, a pivotal moment changed everything. My son, Lucas, was born with special needs, and our family found ourselves in the midst of a whirlwind. I took a leap of faith, quitting my day job to become his full-time caretaker. It was during this time that filming weddings became not just a career but a lifeline, allowing me to balance my responsibilities and support Lucas as much as he needed me to. ​Now, a decade later, we've become masters of our craft at JTFilms, all while cherishing the memories we've captured for countless couples. Throughout the years, we've fine-tuned our planning, filming, and editing processes to ensure that each film is a tailor-made masterpiece. Our goal? To create a wedding film that doesn't just collect dust but becomes a cherished story you can relive over and over again. Our passion for capturing your wedding day goes beyond the lens. It's rooted in the love and support we've received as a family, especially during the time when my son needed my full attention. This experience taught me the true value of celebrating every moment and cherishing the bonds that tie us together. So, when you choose JTFilms, you're not just hiring filmmakers; you're joining a family-driven team that understands the magic of love, commitment, and the beauty of your unique story. We're here to help you create a wedding film that you can watch with your children and grandchildren, reliving the magical day that started your journey together. ​Let's make memories that last a lifetime!

 Our first ever published   wedding film. 

Lucas #LTStrong Timbro Born
Dad Holding Son In The Hospital Getting EEG
JTFilms Wedding at Saltwater Farm Vineyard, CT // Ali + Jack Highlight Film
JTFilms Wedding in Simsbury, CT // Alexandra + Nicholas #itsaboutdengtime
JTFilms Wedding at The Farmington Polo Club, CT // Emily + Mario Highlight Film
Wedding Highlight at TPC River Highlands, CT // Brytnie + Tim

More About Us

We specialize in elegant cinematic wedding films and small business media & marketing.


With over a decade of expertise in film and media production, we are dedicated to bringing your unique story to life.


JTFilms is here to serve you in 2 distinctive ways. For our couples who entrust us to capture their wedding day, we will produce a wedding film that elegantly encapsulate the essence of your biggest day.


Imagine our recent client Sarah, a bride-to-be, having her initial consultation with us. She envisions her wedding day as a cinematic masterpiece, filled with emotion and timeless moments. JTFilms not only captures those moments but crafts a narrative that becomes a cherished keepsake.


Nick and Lexi Portrait
Ali & Jack
Jordan and Ryan
Sparkler Send Off (Still)
Kayla and Dean Kissing In Snow
Tommy and Ashley

Already married? That's amazing!

Wwant to help your dream of owning your own business come to life.


Now, imagine Sarah after she's married and ready to start building a family. Sarah dreams of having more flexibility in her schedule to be present for her family when she needs to. She's eager to begin her journey of self-employment, aiming to establish her esthetician business. JTFilms steps in as her strategic partner, utilizing our expertise in small business media, marketing, and SEO.


We want to help you create a compelling online presence, boost your business's visibility, and implement proven, effective marketing strategies, paving the way for your business to not merely survive, but thrive!



At JTFilms, we recognize the gravity of pivotal moments and the lasting imprint they leave. Every detail matters as we understand the profound impact that well-crafted storytelling can have on preserving memories, furthering impact, and enjoying life to its fullest.


Since the beginning, we've stayed true to one mission—

To make your vision come to life.


We are passionately driven by two things: cinematic storytelling and delivering a high-quality product and experience for every project.


As a creative solutions company specializing in elegant wedding films and small business media & marketing, we are here to bridge the gap between your vision and seeing it come to life.


Choose JT Films for a storytelling experience that goes beyond the expected because your story deserves nothing less. Contact us today, and let's embark on a journey of turning your vision into a captivating masterpiece.

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